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How To Find The Best Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Small Projects

If you work on a lot of small projects that require concrete, investing in a mobile concrete batching plant could be a good option. These plants make it easy to mix small batches of concrete on location. This eliminates the need to transport the concrete by truck, making the process of pouring concrete much faster, easier, and more convenient.


Whenever you buy new mobile concrete mixer plant for your business, it is important to buy the best. There is no point in spending money on inferior quality equipment that will break down or wear out right away. Even though it might seem like you are saving money when you buy cheap equipment, the long-term costs are usually much higher. Inexpensive equipment usually breaks down more frequently, requiring costly repairs. It also wears out more quickly, reducing the amount of use that you can get out of it before you need to replace it.

YHZS25 batching plant mobile
mobile concrete mixer plant

With high-quality equipment, the opposite is true. Even though it costs a little bit more up front, the long-term costs associated with this type of equipment are usually much lower. It is a lot less likely to break down, helping to eliminate the amount of money required for repairs. It also usually will last a lot longer, allowing you to get your money’s worth out of the equipment before it needs to be replaced.

Do research about mobile batching plants

If you want to find the best mobile concrete batching plants, you need to be willing to do a little bit of research. By learning as much as you can about the different manufacturers that are out there and the products that they have available, you should be able to find a high-quality batching plant that is a good solution for the needs of your business.

You may want to start by familiarizing yourself with all of the major manufacturers who make concrete batching plants. Learn as much as you can about each manufacturer including information about how long they have been in business, what types of batching plants they make, and how good their reputation is among other people in the industry. It shouldn’t take long for you to figure out which manufacturers offer the highest quality equipment based on the information you gather and the reviews that you read.

Choose a reliabl manufacturer

YHZS75 mobile mixing plant
mobile concrete batch plants

Once you decide on a manufacturer:, you then need to figure out which particular batching plant is the right choice for your business. When deciding on a plant, think about the average amount of concrete that you need to mix for a typical project. That way, you can choose a batching plant that is sized appropriately for your needs. If you choose a plant that is too small, it can slow down your projects by requiring you to mix multiple batches. On the other hand, if you choose one that is too big, it will be harder for you to store and transport.

In order to find the best mobile concrete batching plant for small projects, you need to familiarize yourself with manufacturers that make this type of equipment. You also need to think about the types of projects that you usually handle so that you can choose a plant that is the correct size for your needs.

Can You Get A Better Deal Buying A Concrete Batching Plant From Abroad?

Can you really get the best deal by ordering a concrete batching plant from another country? I suppose it depends on many factors. China would be one of the countries you might consider, but aren’t we currently in a tariff war with that country? What kind of a deal can you get if you order batching and mixing plants for sale from abroad?

I have seen people say that stationary plants can be purchased abroad for cheaper, but I’m not so sure about portable plants. It really would depend on how much the company is going to charge for shipping. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but you’re going to have to see what those shipping costs will be.

concrete batching and mixing plant for sale
concrete batching and mixing plant for sale

Classification of concrete batching plants

China was mentioned as one of the countries that you might want to buy from. Another country that you might want to look at more closely is India. If you look up concrete batching plants to purchase from other countries, you’re going to see right away that many of the listings are for large stationary plants. If you know that it’s possible for portable concrete batch mix plants for sale to be purchased cheaply enough from other countries, you might want to go into this business yourself.

It seems like it would be quite the opportunity, seeing as how most of the listings are for stationary concrete batching plants for sale. However, let me tell you about one of the listings I’m looking at right now. It’s a listing for a green mobile concrete mixing station, and it looks just like the stationary plants. It makes me certainly have questions about plant classifications.

stationary concrete batching plants for sale
stationary concrete batching plants for sale

I figure either the picture is wrong, or some of these plants are more mobile than I think, despite their size. To be clear, the mobile plants sometimes do have to be disassembled, but they are also supposed to be quite compact. They do come in different sizes, but still, it seems as though a mobile plant would look nothing like its stationary counterparts. If you are interested, you can continue to click here:

Compare different types of concrete plants

That listing does appear to confirm that you can order mobile cement plants from abroad. It’s just unclear what you would be getting based on the picture. The plant looks nice, but it looks like a stationary piece of equipment. Yet as I look at the picture more closely, it appears that there are silos in the background, making the setup look a lot bigger. Perhaps the equipment in the front is what you get.

mobile cement plants
mobile cement plants

Either way, there is no concrete batch mix plant price listed. That being said, it appears that you’re likely to have to inquire about pricing. If you can get a good enough discount, then it sounds like it would be a novel idea to buy a concrete batching plant from abroad.

You’re going to have to see if that logic holds up in the end and which countries would have the best deals. It also depends on your home country. If you live in the US, I wouldn’t currently think that China has the best deals and vice versa. Yet a good look at India might find you buying a concrete batching plant at a more affordable price. It may change with China in the coming days, too.

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